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Crispy Fruit Freeze Dried Fruit


Crispy Fruit Freeze Dried Fruit


Crispy Green is committed to bringing you the most wholesome, delicious snacks using only the best natural ingredients. Our Crispy Fruit product line is created using a sophisticated freeze-drying process where water is removed from the fresh fruit in a cold (freezing) vacuum condition, leaving behind the true essence of the fruit in a light and crispy texture that’s perfect for snacking. Can’t eat enough fruit each day? Snack on Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit – a delicious, convenient and fun way to add more fruit to your diet. 100% freeze-dried fruit slices and nothing else!

• Light, crispy texture with fresh fruit taste
• No additives or preservatives
• No fat, no cholesterol
• No skin or cores
• Natural fruit fiber and nutrients
• Only 55 or less calories per serving Product of China


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